Jamie Sparger


About Me

Hi! Welcome to This Lunar Life. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and for getting this far. If you’re reading this, you must like what you see, and for that, I thank you!

My name is Jamie and I have loved taking pictures since I was a kid. Like, for real. 

One of my first Christmas presents that I can vividly remember was a bright bubble gum pink camera from one (or all four of) my Leszczynski Uncles. It truly was the start of something cool and fun in my life. I was so excited I could hardly wait to get it out of the ridiculous plastic packaging and start documenting the party. Thirty some odd years later and I still think about this camera and remember the out of body excitement I felt. 

It’s that feeling that has continued nagging at me all these years. Begging me, once and for all, to pick up the camera and make a career out of it. So here I am, finally shooting the things I am passionate about. 

Birth. Nature. Real, unedited life. Landscapes. Entrepreneurs and their passions (Introduce me to a small business owner that isn’t passionate about their business, and I’ll introduce you to a flying pig!)

I find so much joy in documenting real life unfold. Nothing posed. Nothing faked for the camera. Just moments of realness, captured in time.  

It makes sense that this would be the type of photography I would eventually find and fall in love.

I really love life. Honest, ask anyone that knows me. I also try not to take it too seriously. Easier said than done, at times, I know. I’m the eternal optimist. Always looking on the bright side, or at least always trying to look on the bright side. My favorite memories are the "imperfect" ones. The kids with funny faces, interacting with each other, not a single one smiling for the camera. The yogi falling out of a pose because she was pushing herself to her limits. 

So here I am. Sharing with you the photographs I am lucky enough to take of some of the most real experiences in this brief phase of our life. I hope you enjoy!