Your Birth Story

“Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.” Gloria Steinem



There is absolutely nothing in this world quite like bringing a new life into it. Being invited into that sacred space to document one of the most surreal, life changing, magical moments is such an incredible honor.




As a mother of two I can tell you personally that I wish someone had been there to document my birth stories. I have a few cell phone pictures from the early phases, but the rest is getting lost in the vast wastelands of my “motherhood brain.”

I completely understand that every birth is different, it's what makes birth so beautiful. Each one of them is deserving of documentation so we can relive and celebrate these defining moments in our lives.

Women. Are. Amazing. Let’s focus on that. Let’s capture the strength it takes to let yourself go, and push your body and mind to limits you didn’t know existed. Let’s focus on the support women receive. Your partners, spouses, mothers, fathers, sisters, doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, other children. Let’s focus on the village its takes to bring us into this big, beautiful world.

For me, with Max, I wish I had pictures of the moment I decided I needed an epidural and the strength it took to let go. Pictures of my sisters in the room supporting us as we did “birth” for the first time. My family all together, waiting for the news. I wish, with Piper, I had a picture of my husband “supermanning me” (that’s what I’ve termed it) out of the birthing tub onto the bed, just 6 minutes before she was born, because I had to but just didn’t have the strength left. Then the fear I saw in my husband when she wasn’t breathing and the tears of relief when she coughed. The first latch.




What does a Birth Story look like for you? 

My promise to you is to capture every beautiful moment. Every ounce of undeniable, completely admirable strength in women. Every sigh of relief after the endurance of yet another contraction, each one bringing you closer to meeting your precious new baby. Every supportive hand, hug or slow dance in the hallway. Every tear. Every laugh. Every smile. All of the brief, fleeting moments that make up one of the very best stories of our lives.