Your Passion Project

“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.”   - Confucius



It took me 33 years, but here I am, more passionate about my work than I have ever been.

I can't even call this work. I'm addicted. I stay up way too late editing photos, working on my website, researching everything and anything that might help me do this better. I'm brainstorming new ideas while my kids are sleeping, and I probably should be too. I found it; work that I am crazy passionate about.



It's this feeling that drives me to want to work with other passionate small business owners. To capture the essence of your passion, showing you completely immersed in your work. Let's throw tradition to the wind and take "headshots" that let your clients see who you really are; a kick ass, driven entrepreneur!


What does a Passion Project look like for you? 

Maybe you're in your sewing room, with fabric all around working on your latest piece? Or maybe you own a local artisan food shop and your favorite day is when you get to taste all the possible new products? Let's show that to your customers. Let's allow our customers to feel the passion we do for our jobs. They'll come in droves. We won't be able to fill orders quick enough. They'll want to do what we do. Buy what we sell. They'll believe it, because it's real and it's true.